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Our principals, along with those of the Macallan Group, have over 50 years of experience in residential and commercial development. Over that time, we have been responsible for the acquisition, entitlement, planning, marketing and development of more than 5,000 single family residential lots across North Georgia, as well as several office buildings across the southeast. We have the creativity, skills and expertise to take any development from start to finish, while maximizing the value of the real estate. Whether acting as a partner or fee developer, typical responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Project specific market and feasibility study
  • Full entitlement, including zoning and infrastructure improvements
  • Project dynamics and financial modeling
  • Conceptual design and land planning
  • Full due diligence review, including surveying and soils studies
  • Development cost analysis and project timeline
  • Project management and onsite construction management
  • All facets of sales and marketing, including pre-leasing and/or parcel sales