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Land Sales

Over the past decade, the Macallan team has been responsible for 100+ land transactions in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. From beach front, high density condominium sites, to 600 acre master planned residential communities, to 10,000+ acre timber tracts we have sold all types of property with many varying uses. Our experience representing both buyers and sellers, gives us the ability to see each assignment from every angle and allows us to maximize the end result for our clients. Our technical understanding of the development process, resourcefulness to overcome obstacles and ability to reach the right buyers with clear and attractive marketing materials has led to repeated successes.

Typical responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic planning to sell property, whether all at once or staged over time
  • Market study to determine feasibility, value and possible uses
  • Demographic analysis and area overview
  • Assist in conceptual land planning and/or entitlements
  • Liaison to all governmental entities regarding zoning, utilities and roadways
  • Oversee surveying, environmental testing, timber appraisal, etc
  • Oversee title review and title exception resolution
  • Marketing, utilizing clear and accurate materials to reach the widest audience of possible buyers
  • Contract and deal term negotiation